The Vitae Monologues 
Read a Review From the Premiere
Read a review by a blogger from the opening night premiere performance at the Univ. of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.
Read a Review From Lifenews.com
This article/review was written after a performance in Waynesboro, PA, in October 2009.

What Other Audiences Are Saying:

"This was great!  Thanks for making something so powerful...using a medium as interesting as drama.  It was amazing!"  - Anne B.

"We were very moved by the play!  You both did an excellent job.  I think you accomplished capturing the voices of the men and women affected by abortion."  - Jessica K.

"I attended the performance on Saturday evening, and I just wanted to say thank you for writing and performing this production!  I was very moved by your portrayal of the stories."  - Paula M.

"This is wrenching and powerful stuff. I walked out of the auditorium feeling like I'd been turned inside out. Several people were sniffling. I was wiping tears away...I would never use the word 'play' in referring to 'The Vitae Monologues'. 'Play' doesn't fit. This is drama - and even that word seems weak. These are real stories. You will hear them. They will speak to you. It's real."  - Janice L.

"Thank you for such an outstanding performance.  I pray the Lord bless your work and all those who see it."  - Cruz S.

About the Play... 

A groundbreaking new 2-person drama featuring international performers Jeremy and Sarah Stanbary, based on eye-opening and inspiring true stories of women and men that deserve a voice within our culture, exploring the difficult reality of post-abortion trauma as well as the healing that's possible after abortion.  This powerful, non-political, non-denominational play speaks to people of all backgrounds, serving as a beacon of light within our culture and engaging audiences to think about this controversial subject from a new and very real perspective.  We promise that you'll be touched and inspired by this play in ways that you never expected!

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